Infopresent :

Information + Presentation

A presentation that effectively communicates the desired information with the audience. Developing Infopresent is not limited to mastering the technique or having the knowledge. In fact it requires both plus the art of communication.

Infomotion :

Information + Motion Graphic

An animated information graphic that is designed to help the target audience better understand layers of information. While many tools and techniques focus on demonstrating static information, the advantage of Infomotion is the dynamic that enables communicating a large amount of information by applying animation effect to the visual elements.

Infoshot :

Information + Shot

A relatively minimal medium that communicates information in a shot. It is simple and quickly presents limited amount of static information at a glance.

Infographic :

Information + Graphic

A visual demonstration of information that communicates a large amount of data and information to the audience. The objective here is quick, clear and effective communication which can be achieved by converting numbers and texts to visual elements such as graphs, pictures, icons and maps.