About us

Who we are

Founded in 2013, we have an agile team of experts with a handful of required capabilities including Business Analytics, Data visualization, Effective communication, Story lining, Graphics and design. We are based in Middle East, as one of the first movers in infographic in MENA region, with international clients from all over the world

How can we help

?Are you the CEO, a C-level executive or a business or operation manager

.If yes, you have been certainly asked to introduce your company, report your performance, or present what you’re doing to others

.Whether your target audience, is the BoD, a team of SMEs, a small group of investors, or you face a large group of public audience

.Todayinfographic” is here to help you”

  • Performance Reports

 Supply the raw data of your performance, we develop the performance report for you. This can be your annual or quarterly performance to external shareholders, or an internal report that you make for your Board of Directors or executive teams.

  • Company/Product and Service catalog

Provide us with your company profile, or brief us about your new product and services, we develop a catalog which outlines your company CV or introduces your new product and service. We carefully choose the medium depending on your audience, which can be your colleagues in other departments or your visitors in an expo as a potential B2C or B2B customer.

  • Investment Teaser

Send us your business plan, we assist you to impress the investors with the presentation and the information package.

Our delivered content is tailor-made for each client and we customize it to suit you best with multiple factors we consider in our work.
Please find more information about our services in the “services” section.